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Someone wants to Commission me?!

*points to icon* I read the PM and did the same face/eye twitch Vegeta's doing.

Anyway... I got a PM tonight from someone asking me to dye a doll for them. :O I had hand-dyed a Littlefee Leah I used to own

I sold her last month and the woman I sold her to is the one that PMed me with the offer of commissioning me to hand-dye a Pukifee she has yet to acquire.

I'm nervous to say the least! It was fine when I was dying a doll I had every intention (at the time) of keeping. It's totally different when I'm doing it for someone else! Not to mention that this isn't like doing a faceup... if I get it wrong to remove the dye I'd have to sand the entire doll. Talk about pressure! :O

So I'm not even sure what I should charge her! (any thoughts!?) I never even thought of doing this for other people! Sure other doll folks have come up to me asking if I'd help them and I told them I made a tutorial but some people are just scared to do it on their own. Oyy at least they'd be messing up their own doll! I told her I'd do it and to let me know when she gets the doll she wants me to do. At this point it's just a theoretical commission but still it's pretty nerve wracking! 


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