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Fuckin Iplehouse
I'm so pissed... so I got off my lazy ass today and was like "I'm gonna finally do that photostory!" /accomplished!

So I get out the dolls I would need right away and cleaned up the space I would be using a little bit and set up the props n such... then I stood Mercer my Iplehouse Ryan up and instantly heard his hook going into his leg.

Last year in November or October I think, the resin hook in his foot broke sending his S-hook into his leg. I sent off his foot to a girl in the next state because she said she had this happen with her IH as well and she could fix it for me. Got the foot back, it took a while for me to put it back on him because his s-hook was really jammed in there and I didn't feel like messing with him since I was upset about it still... so in January I took him to a meetup and had this awesome lady help me restring him and everything was peachy keen... until today.

I looked and the resin hook just totally came off again the fix the girl had done didn't do anything apparently. I also don't have money to just throw down on a new pair of feet from Iplehouse seeing as the shipping alone will be more then the goddamned feet. I have two incoming dolls that I need faceups for and the boy needs clothes still not to mention I still need to pay for his wig that's currently being made. UGH!

I'm pretty sure me bitching to Iplehouse would do nothing. They do have new feet for their JID bodies but that doesn't do any good to the people who ordered before and keep having this problem. IMHO I should pay for the feet and they should pay for the shipping because if they had tested the feet in the first place then they would have noticed the breaking before they even put it on the market. >:(


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